Natural Features Mapping

Accurate Mapping of Resources is the First Step in Avoidance, Permitting and Protection

The accurate mapping of resources is the first step in the development process.  Understanding all of the resources on the site allows for the planning of a better development, quicker approvals and easier permitting.


Having a Senior Scientist map the site resources, results in more accurate characterization and mapping of resources.  Watershed Eco utilizes handheld GPS to provide instant planning quality maps and works with numerous local survey firms to provide accurate mapping for permitting and development.  Watershed Eco and their preferred subcontractors (under direct supervision), can offer the mapping of the following resources:


Wetlands (including types, functions, values and quality)

Forest (mature, young, health, value)

Habitat (types, quality, species presence, rare, threatened and endangered)

Bog Turtle Habitat

Delmarva Fox Squirrel Habitat

Waters and Subaqueous Lands

Tidal Limits

Disturbed Areas (property history, filling, disturbance)

Vegetation (types, quality, health)


Pretty amazing all things considered. Several of my friends think very highly of you and you impressed me at our meeting. I’m not sure how much work we will have, but I can assure you that you are now on our list. Good luck.

— Charlie, Worcester County, MD