How much is an acre of non-wetlands worth?

Not all wetland delineations area created equal.  Criteria continually change, field indicators are mis-interpreted, inexperienced staff is afraid to make a decision or delineators just want to protect a valuable upland area, we have seen it all.  On one site Jim converted 75 acres of previously mapped wetlands to non-wetlands through the Corps of Engineers JD process.

Jim’s wetlands expertise has been recognized throughout his career.  He was called upon as one of only 17 scientists nationwide to serve on the National Academy of Sciences Wetlands Characterization Committee.  The Committee authored “Wetlands: Characteristics and Boundaries” and Jim was one of three committee members chosen to attend the press conference on Capitol Hill when the report was released to Congress.

Jim has delineated wetlands on many large projects in Delaware and on all types of sites in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio and Florida.  Jim previously worked as a biologist for the Philadelphia District Corps of Engineers and is a Professional Wetland Scientist (#000471).

That’s great news! Nice Job!

— Kevin, New Castle County, DE