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Through the projects we’ve worked on with you we’ve gained an appreciation for your work and how you take a practical approach to situations, look deeper into situations, determine if it’s an actual wetland or really just a drainage problem.  Take the XXXXX issue at XXXXXXX, for example.  If one of our other guys were on it I can guarantee they would just call it a wetland and that would be that and the site would die.  That experience alone taught us the (high) value of your work and expertise. – National Commercial Developer

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Will Returns!

Will has returned to work with Jim at Watershed Eco. Will is a Recognized Qualified Bog Turtle Surveyor and Professional Wetland Scientist. Will is also a Certified Forest Professional and Field Biologist.

You can e-mail Will at

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Recent Projects

Elevated Roadway

These 8 lots between the ocean and the bay were recorded 30 years ago but were not able to be built because of wetlands. Watershed Eco got an elevated roadway and homes on pilings approved.

Correct Wetlands Mapping

Revised the wetland line by another consultant. The previous consultant mapped almost 30 acres of non-wetlands as wetlands because of borderline conditions.

Oil Spill in Wetlands

An overturned heating oil truck spilled home heating oil in wetlands requiring the mapping of wetland and assisting the prime contractor with remediation and restoration of wetlands.